Thursday, October 26, 2006

Yesterday's Junk is Today's Jewelry

Newspaper jewlery is a line of accosories made from discarded waste, literally. Earrings, necklaces, brooches, and basically any sort of jewelry item you can think of its made out of anything from stock market pages to used packets of Equal and Sweet n' Low. Crossword puzzle fans and Sudoku junkies can wear the object of their obsession around their wrists. There is even a necklace called "Shattered Dreams" which is made entirely of losing lottery tickets rolled up into bead tubes. This would probably seem like a cook gift to give to your funky alternative self or that "different" friend of yours that likes to use safety pins as earrings. But I must admit, its a definate conversation piece.
A bracelet made of Discarded Sweetener Packets with Faceted Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver with Paper Beads sealed and protected by a water-resistant coating runs for about $289.00.

Or what about these Recycled Sweetener Packet earrings with Faceted Swarovski Crystal Trim for $89.00

Here's a cool concept. Recycle those used super market coupons you have in your wallet since last year. Brightly Colored Expired Coupons are hand-formed into beads and stitched together in a checkerboard pattern with Silver-Plated Beads into the form of this bracelet. Price: $249.00


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