Thursday, October 26, 2006

Spa Like Embience in Your Bathroom

A relaxing and romantic bath won't be the same after you've gotten your hands on these Spa Lights. Both safe and waterproof , they give your bath a soft and relaxing glow in the dark.
The Spa Lights just stick to the bottom or sides of your bath or shower, courtesy of the suckers on the rear of the light. Or you can just let them float in your bath. Then just turn off the lights and chill out with yourself or a loved one (wink wink) The lights come as a pack of two, with one set of batteries giving you around 120 hours of coloured light. Available now, you can pick them up for around 12$.

Source: Tech Digest


Vickie said...

Who makes these lights and where can one buy them? What is the name of the product?

Dani said...


Go to the link in this post at tech digest. Its actually a U.K site but it may be able to direct you to a more local site for the states.

Take care,