Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bag of the Day

Every gal has her own obsession-whether it be shoes, jewelry or clothes. My obsession is handbags. In fact, I just took a trans-atlantic trip and quite possible took more hand-bags than clothes. I didn't acutally count how many I brought fearing the number would knock some sense into me and I wouldn't buy any more bags on my trip. Well anyways, we'll be posting a "Bag-of-the-Day" from here on in so I can live vicariously through Fashion-Beat.

This fantastic clutch from Juicy Couture's Fall 2006 collection is fashion-flexible because it goes very well with denim and can be worn either dressed up or more casually. Since many people aren't afraid to match black's and brown's anymore, don't be afraid to wear it with a black top or even black shoes. "Matchy-Matchy" is so boring!

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