Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bathroom Buddy- iCarta Stereo Dock Toilet Paper Holder

I was recently flipping through a gadget magazine looking for some tech devices that would appeal to the female crowd when I came across this "mechanism." I would hardly say this appeals to women but it might interest the few that have a special relationship with a man who can't go anywhere with out his ipod. I think it would make a smart and funny Birthday or even Christmas presant. Trust me. Boyfriends and husbands would appreciate something stupid and funny as opposed to another turtle neck sweater.

This is the AFT iCarta Stero Dock toilet paper holder. ($100) Seriously what will they think of next. How does it work and sound? The concept is as simple as it sounds: you bring your iPod into the bathroom and dock it on iCarta’s top. Press play, change tracks, or do whatever you want with the iPod - it all works. Though this may go without saying, iCarta probably isn’t the system you want if you’re looking for a sophisticated iPod speaker dock. But for the price I think it would make a great pooping gift.


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