Friday, October 20, 2006

Posh Spice Claims Her Spot in the Land of Designers

Victoria Beckham's, singer-turned-designer and wife of football god David Beckham, is going global with her latest fashion range by launching her own website. Currently her products are not widely available, but now her ranges, including jeans, handbags, sunglasses and shoes will be just a click away for her fashion lovers.
It's predicted that - which is scheduled to be officially launched in January- will be a massive hit.

It's said heard that Vic-Beck is the mastermind of this whole idea and the new website will be great for people who want to get their hands on stuff like her bag range which is only currently available in Japan and costs a fortune to import.

Meanwhile, Posh Spice plans to launch a blog on October 30th which is the same day her book, "That Extra Half Inch" hits shelves in the United States. The site will offer "webisodes"detailing the creation of DVB's pieces as well as updates of upcoming pieces. To stay current- Click here to join the mailing list- LINK.

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