Friday, September 29, 2006

Editor's Pick

Texture takes a colorful new twist in this form-fitting, feminine sweater from Victoria's Secret. The look just makes me want to curl up next to a fire place, in a log cabin in the north woods, with a huge blizzard outside, a nice cup of hot chocolate and fashion mag. (Sigh).
Pick one up for the up and comming chilly months.

Coach Legacy Line

The Coach 65th anniversary presents a wonderful opportunity to look back onto past designs and into the future to the next generation of handbags. Since enduring design is one of Coach's lasting legacies, its should be no surprise to see them incorporate these past trends into one new line....The Legacy Line. Here are a glimpse at a few which can also be found at







Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sleeping with Major Designers

Micheal Kors is launching a bedding line that is now available at Bloomingdale's. The line called- Tribeca- combines woven pinstripes, charcoal and platinum shades of paisley with gray flannel to achieve a sleek downtown modern edge. I found this tid bit of information while flipping through people magazine. And then i wondered what other clothing designers got into bed with us as well. Here are a few...all of which can be found at any Bloomingdale's store.

Micheal Kors


Calvin Klein

Ralph Lauren

Oscar de la Renta

Nicole Miller

Forgotten Levi's make a come back

GQ and Vogue magazines are hosting the opeing party for the first NYC Levis store that has opened on 14th Street. This store is one of 20 new Levi’s Stores opening across the United States this year.

For all of the younger generation that still think of Levis as farmer's pants and the tapered leg look, consider this: Levi’s found itself struggling to reclaim its "jean status" in the market. But it was hard to do this with pricey denim competition such as True Religion, Seven and Hudson. It introduced a Levi Strauss Signature line at Target and Wal-Mart, priced $27 and below.

This year it brought out its Special Edition jeans, which sell for $50 and $98. Barneys and Neiman Marcus began selling Levi’s Capital E, a premium line priced up to $200. I was always accustomed to seeing Levi's at Macy's and other department stores on the clearance racks, lonely and abandoned. But when I visited one of the Levi's store in Providence, Rhode Island my eyes popped out of there sockets when I spotted an AMAZING pair of flares for 128$!!

For online shopping visit

Gucci Celebrates its 85th Anniversary in Milan

It's Gucci's 85th anniversary, which makes this fall's ready-to wear debut all that more special. In Milan, the runway featured Gucci's efforts to broaden the brand's accessibility to young women than with reciting its past 85 years worth of designs.

These looks would be nice for a girly vacation come next summer.

Moschino Madness in Milan

Two of my favorite collections from yesterday's show in Milan had to be the Moschino collection. I was acutally taken back by the fact that I took much more liking to it than I had to the Prada collection.
The Moschino show had all the elegance of late-fifties womanhood: the gloves, the bouffant hairdos, the crinolines under the skirts. But the girls Rosella Jardini designs for aren't for the homely type women. Whether on a hot date or solo, she creates styles for women who are ready for the dance floor. Tailored pieces, like trenches and curving boleros—along with leggings, some in gold Lurex—gave evening numbers a cool and sophisticated edge.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Runways in Milan Continue to bring us the best in Fashion this week

This are going as well as can be expected at the Milan hosted fashion week in one of the largest and most influential fashion capitals in the world. Here are some designer debuts from today.


A turbaned girl in a burgundy ultrashort tunic—all bare legs and high heels—started the show off, followed by another in a purple, high-necked long-sleeved satin
dress reaching below the knee. Welcome to the twilight zone! What was this? Why were nylon backpacks strapped to those tiny, bottom-skimming tops? Why were these looks mixed with forties-looking, rounded-shoulder dresses, blouses, and slim pencil skirts? And why all the strong reds, oranges, and jewel-colored satins for summer? Slightly disapointed with this one.

Bottega Veneta
It's a tall order to stand out as a voice that champions understated luxury and a complete look aimed at grown women. But, season by season, Bottega Veneta has done just that. The designer's spring show worked beautifully with a subtle beige-through-rose palette, with elegance, and stunning detail in close-up. The finale incuded a summer evening gown. For a balmy midsummer night's party on the rolling lawn of somebody's estate, what could be more perfect than stripe shirtdress and a pair of flat sandals? The fact that Botegga conjured up an exact picture of his customer, and where she might wear his clothes, is a testament to his growing success.

La Perla

Some in the States might be surprised to learn that La Perla has a ready-to-wear collection, but judging by the Italian TV personalities in the front row today, the brand's reach in its home country now extends beyond the lingerie drawer. That doesn't mean that the collection ignored its roots. On the contrary, it took a handful of spring trends—eyelet, pale neutrals, miniature florals—and sexed them up with touches of lace and generous helpings of bare skin.