Wednesday, September 20, 2006

BIBA makes a come back in London

Descibed by as "the hottest ticket in the round of London shows" the newly revived line of clothing "BIBA" launched its Spring/Summer collection in London. Biba used to be one of the "IT" stores in London back in the 60s. Now its come back in a completely different context from Barbara Hulanicki's brilliantly original, disposable fast-fashion-for-teenagers concept. Today the prices are much higher, and the clothes are aimed at a designer bracket that is almost the opposite of what Hulanicki envisioned. Just goes to prove you can't really go back. Judging from internation interest surrounding the label, this is a brand is going to be pushed hard worldwide, however might need to become more polished to make it in the luxury market. Personally, i think its a hit because the clothes are marketable to everyday people and they don't make you look like a freak show if you decide to wear them out on a friday night for drinks.

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