Friday, September 22, 2006

Louis Vuitton- Release your Inner Animal

Louis Vuitton's Winter collection pays tribute to leopard print-a design we'll be seeing on everyone this fall and winter. Louis Vuitton, just like Prada, Gucci, Chanel and all those other "fancy shmancy" purse designers are all very personal to each buyer. Some feel Louis are too tacky for their liking, others feel it can be worn with anything from sweats to a cocktail dress depending on the design.

The brand new "Pleated Steamer" Bag is advertised in style magazines by - back and better than ever -Kate Moss. Embellished with chains, locks, leapord print and the whole 9.
Price: $3,400

Louis Vuitton recently discovered a 1958 design in their archives, titled 'Lockit', and, recognizing its classic lines, reinterpreted it in their trademark monogrammed canvas. It's set to be the Louis Vuitton icon for fall/Winter 06, and can be seen slung on the arm of every major Hollywood player. Available in
horizontal for $935, vertical for $900, and the standard size, for $770. Basically the same clean line design- no change at all to the monogram style.

Inspired by the Gaston Vuitton look of the 1960's the Alma bag has now become a classic. Colors come in black, red brown and the one above
. Named after Place de l'Alma, the grand Paris square at the end of Avenue Montaigne. Price. $1,040.00

This next one is actually inspired by a bag design Marc Jacobs once did. Colors come in purple and black. Seems like an ordinary designer bag.... Except to gain the "suppleness" of the leather Louis Vuitton used calf skin leather...YIKES! Price $1260.00

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