Thursday, September 28, 2006

Forgotten Levi's make a come back

GQ and Vogue magazines are hosting the opeing party for the first NYC Levis store that has opened on 14th Street. This store is one of 20 new Levi’s Stores opening across the United States this year.

For all of the younger generation that still think of Levis as farmer's pants and the tapered leg look, consider this: Levi’s found itself struggling to reclaim its "jean status" in the market. But it was hard to do this with pricey denim competition such as True Religion, Seven and Hudson. It introduced a Levi Strauss Signature line at Target and Wal-Mart, priced $27 and below.

This year it brought out its Special Edition jeans, which sell for $50 and $98. Barneys and Neiman Marcus began selling Levi’s Capital E, a premium line priced up to $200. I was always accustomed to seeing Levi's at Macy's and other department stores on the clearance racks, lonely and abandoned. But when I visited one of the Levi's store in Providence, Rhode Island my eyes popped out of there sockets when I spotted an AMAZING pair of flares for 128$!!

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