Friday, September 22, 2006

Thats a Wrap!

Another sucessful fashion week winds down in London with the unveiling of Spring/Summer ready to wear 2007 styles yesterday from Emma Cook, Christopher Kane and Sinha Stanic. Here are some runway photos.

Emma Cook Collection These chic and feminine desgins are wearable with subtle yet impressionable details.

Christopher Kane Collection
Central Saint Martin graduate stole the runway in London yesterday.
Even before his first vivid-orange, elastic-bandage micro dress hit the runway 25-year-old Scot Christopher Kane was an international sensation in the making. He has not only snagged a consult position with Donatella Versace, but also found time between trips to Milan to whip up a further 50 fluorescent, frilled, crystal-trimmed, ring-jingling, zip-spliced dresses for his official debut.

The Look...
Intense with bright colors and slim fitting minis and dresses. Very 90's Versace. Virtually every dress featured the same body-clinging shape and the same length. He used extraordinary color combinations—red with pink, lime with beige, royal blue with black, flesh-on-flesh, violet with green—not to mention dozens of pattern variations, encompassing stretch lace, chain mail, crystal mesh, brass rings and boudoir ruffles. All this had been accomplished in Kane's rented living room in the East End with his sister, model, and business manager, Tammy—and a little help from Donatella Versace . Before the show, a consignment of shoes arrived from Versace with a massive bouquet wishing him every success. Looks like he's going to get it......BY far one of my favorite collections.

Sinha-Stanic Collection
For them this designer it'sall about a super-cropped bolero and lots of zipper action, a theme derived from motocross biking. In their determination to drive their ideas away from the literal starting point, however, things got a little snarled up. Skirts with folded-down flaps and hemlines trimmed with zippers only ended up suggesting one thing: "Ouch!" And take a look at the shoes on some of these models..Broken ankles ready to happen.

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