Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Attenzione Signore!

Many people say cars and women just don't mix. Well ladies, nows the time to prove them wrong. Paris is not only the major centre for clothing fashion and the birthplace of our beloved Louis Vuitton bags, but its also the main center for sleek and sexy car design. This September 29th all eyes are on the "city of lights" as the Paris International Motor Show opens its gates to the public. One of the cars that will debut is often reffered to as the "Chic car." The Lancia Ypsilon took the prize for 'Women's Car' for 2005 at the Car and Driver awards in Madrid. The Ypsilon is designed for a style conscious driver which appeals to many European car owners whose expectation of vehicles rely on innate good looks and style. Think of the Lancia as the cutesy and cuddly VW beetle with that sexy italian VA-VA VOOM! Now all we need is that tall, dark, italian stud in one of these and we'll be good to go!

Press Release-
Lancia is represented at the Paris Motor Show by a stand that
celebrates the brand’s centenary with a flight of imagination: a veritable Maison Lancia fashion house with the entire Lancia range strutting its stuff on the catwalk at the French motor show. Treats in store include the New Lancia Ypsilon, the Musa, the Thesis and the Phedra. These fabulous creations are among the best exponents of designer Italy style. For all the world, gorgeous jewels or couture clothing can be picked out and tried on at the Lancia boutique, an establishment resplendent in glossy black flooring, top-quality stainless steel detailing and wall designs in subtle contrasting colours. The world of fashion is only one of the areas. Together with design and cinema, Lancia has organized major events to celebrate its Centenary. For example, Lancia made available a fleet of one hundred customized Ypsilons to Moda Milano for use by models taking part in the fashion shows staged from February to September. Lancia also took part in the 63rd Venice International Film Festival and sponsored Lancia Tour Italian Design, a travelling show that juxtaposed fabled Lancia cars with items famous in the history of Italian design.

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