Thursday, September 14, 2006

Aniston tops People magazine "best-dressed" list

Reuters- On Wednesday Jennifer Aniston topped People Magazine's list of best-dressed women of 2006 for her natural fashion sense.

The popular magazine's annual best- and worst-dressed issue hits newsstands this Friday and features numerous Hollywood stars in their fancy couture.

Oscar winner Halle Berry,slid in second behind Aniston and third place went to Jessica Alba, 25.

People's executive editor, said for the first time the list was picked by online readers and not the magazine's editors. She said Aniston, "The Natural", won by 54 percent.

Aniston style is som

ething we can all relate to on an everyday basis. From her white T-shirt and jeans to her stylish red-carpet fashion, she sports trendy yet simplistic outfits we would all wear and not be afraid of people staring at us

as we cross the street. In this case, she is identifyable to everyday people. I mean COME ON, she put the "Rachel Haircut" in fashion history!

Check out People magazine at the end of this week and you'll also catchshots of a public pajama wearing by Paris Hilton and a whole page devoted to Sharon Stone. But as always, we may scorn these stars for what they where but always forgive them for having that one, or two, or maybe even three really bad days


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