Friday, September 15, 2006 want to be a Super Model?

Mainstream models range - 5'9" to 5'11" with the extremely rare exception down to 5'5" and as tall as 6'1". Thin - puts weight at 108 to 130lbs in proportional to height. This puts dress size 6-8 with the desired figure around 34B-24-34. This can range some but waist no larger the 25" and maximum hips 35 ½." Beginning models start modeling in the age range of 13-19 and if you have not made it by twenty it is over.

The industry looks for someone who is small to medium boned, fit but not buff. With a long graceful swan like neck, a square jaw and high strong cheek bones. The eyes should be wide set, almond shaped and even, with thick eyelashes. Skin should be clear, small pored, even toned with no scares, tattoos, or piercing. Lips should be medium to full and teeth should be straight and white. Shoulder should be broad and squared and you should have a long legged look (more leg then torso). You should have good posture and be able to carry yourself gracefully. Hair should be healthy and in good condition.

WHEW! Now take a moment and consider the following...What would our runways look like and most importantly what would designer apparel look like on slightly overwieght or in other words, "normal" looking models?

MILAN (Reuters) - Italy's fashion capital is in a tizzy over a ban on overly thin models at Madrid's fashion week, fearing it could be next with its own catwalk extravaganza less than two weeks away.

Milan's mayor, Letizia Moratti, told a newspaper this week that she may bring the Spanish ban on underweight models to Italian shows.

Madrid is turning away models whose body mass index, based on weight and height, falls below a certain level.

"With those kind of rules, we'd have to turn away 80 percent of models. Naomi Campbell wouldn't be able to walk down the catwalk, she'd be too thin," said Riccardo Gay, head of the model agency of the same name that used to represent Campbell in Milan.

"Some designers have used extremely thin models, but we haven't. We tell models to exercise, eat well, go to bed early -- sensible rules," he added.

Madrid's regional government imposed the rules on fashion week to protect the models as well as teenagers who may develop anorexia as they try to copy underweight catwalk stars.

Milan fashion week, which brings together top designers such as Versace, Armani, Gucci and Prada, starts on September 23. Fashion-Beat will be all over that one so stay tuned!

Is this a retreat to NORMALCY?!? Thank god! It's not really sexy anymore....get over it and grab a donut!

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