Thursday, January 04, 2007

NEW! Louis Vuitton Monogram Miroir Collection

I found this new Louis Vuitton Monogram Miroir collection while checking out my bag obsession online last night. The Speedy 60 in silver, is $2,700, and Lindsay Lo's choice. The Alma in silver and gold, is $2,250, is seen here being carried by Paris Hilton and her BFF of the moment, Kim Kardashian. This collection is by special order only. I have the speedy in the regular monogram style. The thing is cool and flashy as is so I can't imagine how amazing this one will look on a summer shopping spree or a trip to
the Cape. YUmmO! VIA:

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Scarlett Johansson for Louis Vuitton 2007

Here we have the new 2007 Spring add campaign for Louis Vuitton. Scarlett Johansson is this seasons cover girl and with good reason. Her style and the way they have her done up on the ads gives a peak into the spring fashion scene with neutral and white tones, offering a fresh and new look. As for the bags, well, LV "usually" doesn't atleast. Looks like we have a denim design, a white leather and a tote with the word "LOVE" printed on it.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Prada Pink Leather Lap Top

Prada has just come out with its Pink Leather Lap Top and just in time for the holidays not to mention just in time for me because my lap top just died!

ASUS teamed with Prada to create the perfect notebook for the chic diva. The cost goes for about $2,500 wwhich is a bit steep, but perhaps not so bad if you think about it. The problem? They’re only making 50 of them and you’ll need an Asian connection to hook you up with this sweet laptop. If you are one of the lucky ones, it should be available right before Christmas.

Source: Savvy Chic

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cocktail Rings

I'm actually not much of ring person. Although I "borrowed" this really cool silver ring that my mom had bought from Filene's. I tend to claim things she buys and never wears. I stumbled onto some of these colored rings on ICE.COM. These type of blingers are referred to as colored gem cocktail rings and they've been catching my eye frequently now. The best thing about this site is that it allows you to pay them in installments, which should take the edge off the prices a little.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chanel Plastic Carry All Spotted in NYC

NY Times- At first glance, you might think these women are carrying trash bags. Well, they’re not. It’s the latest Chanel plastic carryall, about $1,000, with chain handles and a signature double-C charm. A few are in leather, and, one, below, is a rare satin one. The bag, first spotted in Paris last month, above, is the superstatus bag carried by shoppers on Madison and Fifth Avenues. There is a waiting list of months to buy one. Think by the time you are called of the waiting list something else will have emerged. Maybe a yellow poncho or something?

Friday, November 24, 2006

The "Oh No What Did I Do?" Hang Over Kit.

Had a close encounter of the "I had one too many" kind? Well this may help. Unscrew the lid of the ice pack and fill with, you guessed it, ICE!

Now get yourself comfortable (Well, as comfortable as possible anyway) and cover your poor hurting eyes with the eye mask and pop the ice bag on your head. Ahhhh. Much Better!

Includes Ice pack and "never again" eye mask - Bright Pink, of Course! Price: $14.99. I guess they'll leave the aspirin up to you.


Circa Joan & David "Millie" Tall Boot

I caught these tall boots on Macy' by Joan and David. I fell in love instantly and now I have to have them. The price ($225) is alittle steep but they seem like a fantastic buy. Pair them with a a cute skirt, whether long or short, winter shorts with leggings or even straight legged jeans tucked in.

The Body Shop Sparkle Collection

Ok, so its officially shopping season. Crowds, no parking, long lines, screaming children and all that jazz. So while your out there doing the dread holiday shopping this is a cool and inexpensive gift for a best friend, best co-worker or even better, a little treat for yourself.

This is the new Pure Sparkle Collection from The Body Shop. I like the colors because you can wear the low toned ones during the day and then jazz it up a bit with the brighter colors which are perfect for a holiday party or New Year's Eve bash!

Sagem is now "Surfer Friendly"

Following on from its Roland-Garros tennis handset and its England World Cup phone, Sagem seems well up for the co-branded handset. The company has launched My Oxbow - a collaboration with the surfing label, creating a handset in one of Oxbow's designs.

Before the California surfer girls get all excited this isn't a "surfer friendly" phone like with a water tight handset. It's just a standard Sagem my400v handset with VGA camera. However, it does offer extra surfer content as part of the Vodafone Live service, including weather for surfing, places to stay, information relating to Oxbow (including the latest gear and events) and dedicated downloads. But before all you surfer dudes dash out for one, note this is only currently available in France. But if successful, something similar is likely to head over to the UK and possibly an unlocked version for the U.S.

Source: ShinyShiny

Saturday, November 04, 2006

PINK Profits

The super star know as "PINK", who isn't always pink but anyways" has decided to profit from the recent excitement and rise in pink-like items such as cell phones and play stations.

If you remember, PINK has been the face for Sony's Pink PSP Bundle currently being sold in Europe--where they could probably care less about Pink (or do they). I'm in Europe now and I haven't heard any of her songs! The PINK branded players pack a 1.7 inch display, FM tuner, voice and FM recording, and will be available in 1GB and 2GB capacities. They'll be selling in Germany although I feel like they are aiming for the wrong market!

Source: TechieDiva

Monopoly: Sephora Edition

I always considered Monopoly a unisex kind of game. Anyone who is finance savy could play the game, even for fun right? Well, this November sees the debut of Monopoly: Sephora Edition, a collaboration between the beauty retailer and the classic board game. Except this time, only beauty rules apply: players go to jail for bad hair days, advance to go for getting a manicure, pay fines for streaky self tanner application, and purchase products with beauty bucks. When players own an entire cosmetic category, they can place Sephora shopping bags on their properties and eventually upgrade to Sephora stores; they can also get ahead by stocking their stores with the most beauty products. Lending their names to the whimsical game are some of the industry’s top beauty brands. There’s Stila in Gloss Gardens, Make Up For Ever on Lipstick Lane, Nars on Cheek Street, Murad at Cleanser Crossing, and Bliss on Lotion Avenue. The Monopoly: Sephora Edition retails for $45. I guess this may beat the boring universal Monopoly version.

Source: FashionWeekDaily

Friday, November 03, 2006

Kissing Potion for Adults

Remember that yummy lip gloss from the 80’s? Kissing Potion came in every yummy bubble gummy flavor and made your lips glisten. Well times have changed and thanks to Lancome’s Juicy Gelee lip gloss, Kissing Potion has an all new meaning. It gives lips a transparent, crystal shine and has a jelly texture that melts on for a smooth finish. No more sticky mess. My favorite shade — Fruit Punch — smells like strawberries.

Price: $16.50

Lancome JUICY GEL√ČE - Crystal-Clear Lip Gloss Crystal Jelly


Cool Stuff for Your Dorm Room/Apartment

I found this fantastic site I never really knew existed. Its Pottery Barn for Teens. It sells various knick-knacks, accessories and anything else you can think of to spruce up and feminize a dull looking apartment, dorm room or bedroom. Prices are really decent and items can be purchased online at Pottery Barn Teen.

Get-Ready Set
A get-ready station on wheels. A tilting mirror with regular and magnified reflection sits atop a two-level removable caddy. Sturdy pink-lined steel trays and a pink plastic bin provide extra storage. Takes up minimal space. $169

Sail Cloth Drape
This versatile drape is extra wide for a billowy look and comes in lots of sunny colors. It's perfect way to get some privacy if you share a room with a bratty younger sister or an annoying room-mate.

Fashion Wire Photo Frame
Fashioned entirely from sculptured steel wire, these objects offer a new twist on the fine art of display. Slip your favorite pics and postcards into the wall display’s wire loops.$39.00

Personalized Soda Dispenser
No more running to the dorm vending machine in your PJ's . Enjoy a cold beverage without leaving the room. Just push the button next to the drink you want and watch as it drops into the retrieval slot. Holds twelve 12-oz. cans on five shelves. Personalization is available for $6 more. $169.

Colored Hanging Lights
A pretty medallion pattern is printed onto this 100% cotton percale shade for a block-print look. Acrylic beading details. $39.99

Samsung SGH-X830: Nano Clone + Phone

Check out this swiveling MP3 phone from Samsung, the SGH-X830, which is so tiny it would be easy to lose in your pocket. It's about the size and shape of an iPod nano but thicker. You can swivel the screen around to reveal its phone keypad, whose keys are arranged in an unconventional two-by-two layout. And looky there, it's a hint of a scroll wheel. Again. Your move, Apple.
Of course, these phones are being released in Korea first, and it's up to those squabbling US cellphone providers to decide who offers it stateside first. Please, someone pick this up soon, because we likey. Anyone notice how the latest cellphone designs are looking more Apple-like as the release of the iPhone draws nearer?

Winter 2006/2007 Outerwear Selection

I looked out my window today and saw a trace of snow-flakes dancing in the air. So I guess its official- Winter is here! I compiled so trendy yet warm outwear that will be sure to keep your fashionable self toasty this winter. If the nip in the air has already started to take its toll in your area your probably already wearing these. Check out some sites like Macy's and GUESS. They all have pretty decent prices and the first half of the winter coat stocks are already going on sale.

Andrew Marc Hooded
Shearling Coat
$1,995.00/ Saks Fifth Avenue

High-pocket Wool Coat
$129.00/ Victoria's Secret

Bomber Jacket
$99.00/ Victoria's Secret

Fur Trim Nylon Vest

Calvin Klein Jeans
Mid-Length Coat


Microfiber Quilted Fur
Trim Jacket
$149.00/ BEBE

Belted Houndstooth Coat

Fur Trimmed Long Wool Coat
$400.00/Armani Exchange