Friday, November 24, 2006

Sagem is now "Surfer Friendly"

Following on from its Roland-Garros tennis handset and its England World Cup phone, Sagem seems well up for the co-branded handset. The company has launched My Oxbow - a collaboration with the surfing label, creating a handset in one of Oxbow's designs.

Before the California surfer girls get all excited this isn't a "surfer friendly" phone like with a water tight handset. It's just a standard Sagem my400v handset with VGA camera. However, it does offer extra surfer content as part of the Vodafone Live service, including weather for surfing, places to stay, information relating to Oxbow (including the latest gear and events) and dedicated downloads. But before all you surfer dudes dash out for one, note this is only currently available in France. But if successful, something similar is likely to head over to the UK and possibly an unlocked version for the U.S.

Source: ShinyShiny

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