Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sony Ericsson Z610i for Cool Chicks

Since you're obviously not just "anybody" the way you are perceived by others is an important factor in your life. You work at one of the most coveted office jobs and hang out at all the hip clubs with all the VIP's. If this is the case, then the new Sony Ericsson's Z610i is just the cell phone for you. Its sleek and seductive with a soft and distinct shape. Feel the high-quality surface against your skin and look out for the external display's hidden mirror effect , it's only visible when your Z610i is lit up. It comes in blue black and pink colors shown here. The phones are already available in Europe. They'll hit the U.S. market in the upcoming year.

Camera and blog

No matter where you go, you're ready to catch the moment. The Z610i has an impressive 2.0-megapixel camera. Snap a picture and upload it on the go to your own personal blog page. Picture blogging provides an excellent way to share your experiences with family, friends and colleagues. Your Z610i comes complete with all the settings you need – your blog is up and running in just a few clicks on the navigation key.

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