Thursday, November 02, 2006

V - Moda Remix Metal Class Coloured Earbuds for iPods

IPod earbuds! That are pink! Sorry - that are ThatsHotPink. These are V Moda's new selection of buds in a range of Nano-friendly colours, which means you get to choose from the aforementioned pink, BlueSteel and BlingBlingBlack. As for the sounds, well, they promise to deliver "warm mids" and "crisp highs", which actually means that they'll serve you well for more general listening than their predecessors, the Bass Freq buds. They also come with a modawrap cable manager so if, like me, you're tired of having your earbuds ripped rudely from your ears every few minutes as the cable gets caught on something, you can rest easy. $50 from V Moda.


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