Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bling your Ring

Are you a cell phone abuser? Dropped your precious Nokia or Samsung on the concrete pavement or on the sticky bathroom floor of a bar? Now you can cover up all those scratches on your cellular device and "Bling" ur phone with Swarovski rhinestones. The site Bling My Ring sells bling kits which include colored crystlas with peel of sticky backings that can be stuck on your cell phone or any other item you want "Blinged". Spruce up a boring ipod or even an old tote or band bag you have laying around. Great activity for a rainy day.

If your not really hip with artwork, BlingRing has design kits on its website that you can purchase. THe kit includes the preset crystals. Kits run from $10-$125 depending on how blingy you want to get.

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