Saturday, October 28, 2006

Urban Decay Celebrates 10th Birthday with Ammo Eye Shadow Box

Happy 10th Birthday to Urban Decay! That bold make-up line thats not afraid to play with colors and self-expression. To celebrate, they packed 10 of they're best-selling shades into a case that’s a tactile experience on its own. Covered in touchable, matte black paper, the compact features a mesmerizing assortment of Urban Decay elements – animals, hearts, skulls, and flourishes – gently wafting from a pistol in overlapping textures of violet metallic foil and rich velvety flocking. Upon opening the kit, you’re met with endless eye options: 10 best-selling shadows are arranged as five sets of coordinating duos, running from subtle to sexy. The slim case is complete with a perfectly sized mirror, applicators, and a magnetic closure, so it’s sure to stay closed in your handbag.

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