Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ellus-Modern Brazilian Style

Ellus is the first and main premium denim bran in Brazil-today a classic. The whole idea behind the creation of "Ellus" more than 30 years ago in Sao Paulo was that of freedom. For the generation of the the 70's when wearing jeans was like an identity. Ellus has taken this concept and created 80 styles of jeans for both men and women with 15 different washes in 5 different variations of denim fabrics. Ellus designs is jeans with the following three concepts in mind: "durability, wearability and pop-star treatment." This fall and winter collection is a mixture of "complexity, magic and young irreverence and a classic universe claim," according to the Ellus website. The focus is on the modern man and woman, romantic and independent. It is a stle that creates dialog with the rest of the fashion world yet still maintains the sassy Brazilian personal style.

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