Thursday, August 24, 2006

Daddy Long-Legs

Remember those 80's when you were jumping on your bedding belting out the songs of Cindy Lauper in your new perm hair-do, leutenant shoulder pads with sleeves rolled up to your elbows. A few years ago, many would have laughed at the thought of this scene. However, for those of you who know fashion statements almost always make a comeback, you would have expected the new or rather "old" straightleg jeans. I've seen many of these straight leg jeans in stores and mostly in magazines. So I decided to try on a pair at Armani Exchange this month ( I realized A. Straight Leg Jeans aren't for everyone or B. There is a certain style straight leg for everyone.
Pictured, AX "ultra-low rise fit with stretch has a long and lean straight leg for a slimming, silhouette in a clean rinse finish,clean rinse, stretch denim, 98% cotton, 2% stretch skinny fit". Featured in AX's website-Fall 2006

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